Wireless Digital Fishing Bite Alarm Set

  • $192.99
  • Save $95

Features for transmitter:
LEDs for drop/back, speed, setting direction.
Adjustable sensitivity, volume, tone button.
Drop back with different sound.
Automatic night light.
The bite alarm will send out warning beeps when the rod leaves.
256 variable code enough to prevent interference from another angler.
LED alarming signals with high output speaker.
High visibility LED latching about 20 seconds.
Extra jack for illuminated swinger (NOT included).
Powered by 9V battery (NOT included).

Features of receiver:
Transmission range up to 100m.
4 different color LEDs to match 4 different alarms.
On/off, adjustable volume, vibration button.
Vibration, LED alarming signals with high output speaker.
Range self test function.
Memory LED.
Night light.
Powered by AAA battery (NOT included).

Bite alarm size: 3.6 * 2.2 * 1.8in
Receiver size: 4.4 * 2.2 * 1.4in
Zippered case size: 12.6 * 8.3 * 2.4in
Total weight: 1.66lb
Package size: 13.4 * 9.1 * 2.4in
Package weight: 1.87lb

Package List:
4 * Bite Alarm
1 * Receiver
1 * Zippered Case
1 * User Manual (English)


Estimated Delivery Time : 12 - 20 Days


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